Queensland Asian Business Weekly 昆士蘭華商週報

昆士蘭華商週報  是在澳洲布里斯本出版的多媒體生活雜誌, 全彩色印刷,24年來一直是 市場 No. 1 

華商報系 (QABW) 是在澳大利亞昆士蘭州領先的出版刊物,和營運時間最長的免費派發中文報紙。

成立在1993年,現在,隨著 24 年的良好業績,華商周報和華商生意地產周報 目前每月印刷超過100,000份, 每期平均 合共160多頁全彩色A3頁面。派發在範圍廣泛的高流量的分發點:包括超市,報攤,購物商場和餐館等等。

其次,我們還有自己的微信 (WeChat) 及 面書 (Facebook) 平台

在華商報系登廣告,已被我們的忠實的客戶一致公認是最佳“物超所值” 的中文報紙,能直達目標市場。

華商報系擅於推廣設計,在如何連接企業客戶和市場規模龐大的數以百萬計的消費者,已建立了良好的聲譽。特別是在宣傳房地產,汽車,食品與酒店,銀行及金融服務,投資及財富管理,保健品,新興 /綠色技術如太陽能電池板,法律和會計專業服務,以及政府機構公告,公佈新的政策法規等領域,華商周報24年來一直是 No. 1.


About Queensland Asian Business Weekly

We are publisher of the leading and longest-running freely distributed Chinese newspaper in Queensland, Australia. We were established in 1993 and now, with 24 years of strong track record in the Queensland Chinese and Asian media industry, our weekly publication QABW and QABREW (Queensland Asian Business & Real Estate Weekly) currently has a monthly distribution of 100,000+, more than 160 pages combined, freely available at a wide range of high-traffic distribution points including supermarkets, news agencies, shopping malls and restaurants among others.

In addition, we have our own Wechat and Facebook platform too.

Advertisements on QABW has been widely and consistently recognized as the ” best value for dollar” marketing media with the highest level of conversion by our loyal customers and target market.  

    Queensland Asian Business Weekly &QABREW are about connecting businesses to Asian customers and consumers, a market with significant size to the scale of millions.

QABW has built up a particularly strong reputation in the promotional advertising in the industries of Real Estate, Automotive, Food and Hospitality, Banking and Financial Services, Investment and Wealth Management, Health Products, Emerging / Green Technologies such as Solar Panels, Legal and Accounting professional services, as well as Announcements, New Policy and Regulation Releases from Governmental agencies.

     As we constantly strive to maintain our lead in the Asian media industry in Queensland, QABW & QABREW is now available for viewing online from this website each week simultaneously, as each new edition hits the streets ! Hundreds of thousands of our readers can view all content for free and do their shopping at ease !